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First United Methodist Church of Bristol’s local UMYF Youth Group is designed for ages 12-18 and has chosen the title of the FUMC M.A.F.I.A. (My Almighty Father In Action) to reflect their desire to take action on their beliefs, to represent the “family” feel of our church and our youth group in particular, and as a reminder that our “God Father” has the power to change lives.


We have a Sunday School hour every Sunday at 9:30am where we discuss how our faith can be applied to real, current issues that we encounter. We pray together and lift each other up to face the next week.


Every Wednesday, it’s time for some fun! We meet from 6:30-8pm for a brief Lesson and Prayer and lots of fun activities.

Check this page or our facebook group to see what we’ll be doing:

Wednesday, October 25

Service Project

Wednesday, October 18

Treasure Hunt

Wednesday, October 11

Board Games!

Wednesday, October 4

YMCA Game room and Swim night

Wednesday, September 27

Planning/Set up for chili cookoff (coming Oct 1!), Board Games

Wednesday, September 20

Walmart Tag

Wednesday, September 13

Service Project: Making more Plarn to help the homeless, movie or discussion.

Wednesday, September 6

Movie night!

Wednesday, August 30

Game night! How is life like a game?

Wednesday, August 23

Hide and Seek and the church. Jeremiah 23:23-24

Wednesday, August 16

Disc Golf in Steele Creek Park. Bible passages to discuss at every hole

Wednesday, August 9

Rock Band! On the big screen in Tankersley Hall. Praise God: Psalm 150:5-6. We will also celebrate that Erica has graduated high school and jumped into college courses and we are excited to honor and celebrate her transition into “adulting” with snacks/light dinner…

Wednesday, August 2

Hike to the dam from Roosterfront Park.  Rock skipping Contest. Mini-picnic with ice cream floats. Planning – Luke 14:28-33



Coming Soon:

†Escape Game 2
†Pontoon Battleship, the Rematch

For more information on the Youth Group Activities, please contact Youth Director John Mack

Co-Directors are Gina Carnehan and Andrew and Rebekah McGrady