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First United Methodist Church of Bristol’s local UMYF Youth Group is designed for ages 12-18 and has chosen the title of the FUMC M.A.F.I.A. (My Almighty Father In Action) to reflect their desire to take action on their beliefs, to represent the “family” feel of our church and our youth group in particular, and as a reminder that our “God Father” has the power to change lives.


We have a Sunday School hour every Sunday at 9:30am where we discuss how our faith can be applied to real, current issues that we encounter. We pray together and lift each other up to face the next week.


**As we go into a Summer full of vacations, sports, and activities, we will be meeting on Wednesdays as we determine availability. We are going to try for at least every other week though!**

Every Wednesday, it’s time for some fun! We meet from 6:30-8pm for a brief Lesson and Prayer and lots of fun activities.

Check this page or our facebook group to see what we’ll be doing:

Wednesday, August 30

Game night! How is life like a game?

Wednesday, August 23

Hide and Seek and the church. Jeremiah 23:23-24

Wednesday, August 16

Disc Golf in Steele Creek Park. Bible passages to discuss at every hole

Wednesday, August 9

Rock Band! On the big screen in Tankersley Hall. Praise God: Psalm 150:5-6

Wednesday, August 2

Not an official Youth Meeting, but we will be getting together to celebrate endings and beginnings: our own Erica has graduated high school and jumped into college courses and we are excited to honor and celebrate her transition into “adulting”. We will also pray for each other as the Summer ends and we prepare for a new school year to begin this Fall.

Wednesday, July 19

Service Project/Fun! We will be Evening Hosting two families for Family Promise. Andrew and Rebekah will be arriving at 5:30 to greet and have dinner with the families — youth activity will begin at 6:30 as usual. We will be guided by the ages, energy, and inclination of our guests, but we’ll plan for coloring, active kid’s games, and board/card games as the situation dictates.

Wednesday, July 5

Service Project/Craft – helping make “plarn” plastic yarn for making bags and mats for the homeless. Video below. Bring clean, dry plastic grocery bags. We will also watch a movie while we work and of course, have popcorn!

Wednesday, June 21

Service Project? Movie? Game Night? We will be in touch to see what people want to do — Watch our facebook group for updates! ** No Meeting Today, after all!! Everyone has other plans — we will try to meet up again in 2 weeks**

Wednesday, June 7

We’re going to do something… something fun. Watch our facebook page for updates!

Wednesday, May 31

No Activity this week — catch up on reading or cook a meal with your family!

Wednesday, May 24

Last hurrah before Summer Break — Pizza Party and games!

Wednesday, May 19-21

Christian Leadership Conference weekend at YMCA Blue Ridge

Wednesday, May 17

Hiking Roosterfront Park

Wednesday, May 10

Rock band! On the big screen!

Wednesday, May 3

Escape game or Just Jump

Wednesday, April 26

Hiking in Steele Creek — Observe spring colors coming to life; survive the pollen!

Wednesday, April 19

Game Night! Snacks, card and board games, and (mostly) friendly competition…

Wednesday, April 12

Pinnacle Adventure (rescheduled)

Wednesday, April 5

Warm enough for Disc Golf? We sure hope so…


Coming Soon:

†Escape Game 2
†Pontoon Battleship, the Rematch

For more information on the Youth Group Activities, please contact Youth Director John Mack

Co-Directors are Gina Carnehan and Andrew and Rebekah McGrady