Each human is a child of God and we are called to be Love, to be good, and to be creative as well.

We teach the three faces of God are the Father/Creator; source of All that is,  the Son: Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

We teach that we are all directly connected to God in our own unique way and that the Methodist church is a good place to live out and express this connection.

We have wonder-filled activities for our children to be involved in here at First United Methodist:

  • We keep a raised bed garden to connect us to the works of nature and the good labor of man
  • We have an occasional devotional Yoga component
  • We have a card ministry to encourage inter-generational connection and caring
  • We have a monthly art project to inspire creativity
  • We are mission minded at First Methodist and involve our kids in teaching them to help make this a better world
  • We have Children’s Choir
  • We have a Confirmation Class as needed

With all this innovation, we still respect our roots.  We utilize the tried and true methods we grew up with like crafts, stories, memory verses and singing favorite traditional hymns.

Our Children’s team focuses on kids ages 0-12 years old.